: a combination of the species name for the grape used in wine, Vitis vinifera, and an incredible city in Upstate New York known as Rochester. When used together, they describe the wine tasting adventures of a Kate through the Rochester and Finger Lakes region.

Example: VinifeROC is a personal chronicle of my adventures in exploring the wines of New York, with a particular focus on Rochester and the Finger Lakes. I’m not a sommelier or a wine maker, I’m a wine nerd and evangelist of the Finger Lakes region. This is not a blog about wine production or extensive tasting notes- it is about exploring new wines, sharing the diverse offerings of our local wineries and restaurants, and most importantly, having fun tasting all this region has to offer.

[verb | slang]

: also used as a verb or slang for adventures in wine tasting or describing amazing wine found in this region.

Example: Let’s VinifeROC this wine tour! This wine VinifeROCs! (Ok, maybe that doesn’t work, but a girl can dream)