About Kate & VinifeROC

Kate Meyers Emery is a Finger Lakes and local wine evangelist, sharing the love and knowledge of her region through the classes she teaches and in her writing.

VinifeROC is a personal chronicle of adventures in wine, with a particular focus on Rochester and the Finger Lakes. It’s not written by sommeliers or a winemakers, just wine nerds and evangelists of the Finger Lakes region. This is not a blog about wine production or extensive tasting notes- it is about exploring new wines, sharing the diverse offerings of our local wineries and restaurants, and most importantly, having fun tasting all this region has to offer.

Started by Kate Meyers Emery in 2017, VinifeROC now shares stories written by various Finger Lakes wine lovers as part of the Guest Post series.

If you’re interested in writing a post, contact Kate at meyersemery@gmail.com.