Where to Stay When Wine Tasting: JuneBug Lodge

I never really bought into the whole tiny home idea. Whenever I saw those mini trailer houses on television they always seemed a little too small, a little cramped, a little dark. But my mind is totally changed now that I’ve spent a luxurious night at JuneBug Lodge.

We were looking for a place to stay during the Finger Lakes Wine Festival, and because I was teaching, and not really drinking, I didn’t want to end up at a hotel or campsite filled with people who were… well, let’s say enjoying the wine a little too much. I wanted to go somewhere peaceful to enjoy a quiet night with my partner.

We found JuneBug Lodge after a brief search on AirBnB, and were thrilled to see that they had space in one of their Tiny Homes for us to spend the night.

Honestly, even though we were only there one night, it’s the most relaxed and at peace I’ve been in the last year and a half. This retreat is worth seeking out (even if you can’t enjoy bacon while you’re there… don’t worry meat lovers, it is totally worth it).

About JuneBug Lodge

JuneBug Lodge was created by Courtney and Matt, a couple who decided to drop their corporate lives in 2017 for a large piece of land outside of Watkins Glen. As they say on their website, the goal was “a place where we could rescue and care for animals, be closer to nature, and share their space and story with others.”

You can see this in everything on site- there is a commitment to being green, to protecting nature, to making a little impact as possible on the environment from the composting toilets to the solar power.


JuneBug Lodge has a number of accommodations for guests to pick from.

The Lodge includes three different options: the Cow or Pig room which have a queen bed and shared bathroom, or the Two Bedroom Suite with it’s own private bathroom.

The A-Frames consist of three separate wooden a-frames that have only a queen size bed inside (there is lighting and heat in each). These three a-frames share a little campsite and bathhouse that has a shower and toilet.

The Tiny Homes, where we stayed, has three options to pick from. One has sleeping space for three, and the other two have only one bed. They all include a bathroom, shower, kitchen, fridge and seating area.


In addition to the private space, there is a small fire pit with chairs and a main lodge space where the complementary breakfast is served (there’s also a hygge space for quiet discussion and reflection).

If you’re looking for more to do on site, they have a swimming pond, hiking trails, a tiny house just for yoga, and rescued ducks you can visit. Additionally, you can check out their Farm Sanctuary where they rescue animals of all shapes and sizes.

A quick note, the entire property is vegan. Not only does that mean your complementary breakfast is vegan, but you aren’t allowed to bring any animal products or byproducts on the property.

Honestly- we aren’t vegans, and we found that this wasn’t a challenge at all. The breakfast was amazing- overnight oats, tofu scramble and homemade scones, and we just brought vegan snacks for the occasion.

Final Thoughts

JuneBug Lodge truly is a retreat in all senses of the word. When we woke up, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and there was a sense of quiet peacefulness throughout the property. I didn’t feel the need to check my phone, I didn’t want to watch or listen to the news, I just wanted to sit and soak in the sounds of nature. It feels like you’ve escaped the world and can just let yourself totally relax. I felt so comfortable even after just a short period of time.

My only regret is we didn’t have more time there. This is definitely a place I will return to next time I need somewhere to stay on Seneca Lake.

Accommodation Details

Rates: Tiny home pricing ranges around the $200 per night range

The a-frames and lodge rooms are around $100 per night.

It’s an amazing price considering you get your own little home and a delicious breakfast.

Other Amenities: In addition to your sleeping spaces, they have:

  • Breakfast
  • A dedicated yoga and meditation tiny home
  • Hygge space with books, games, and comfy lounge furniture
  • Fire pit
  • Hiking paths
  • Rescue ducks!

A bonus amenity, you can add on a Tesla wine tour! That’s right, Courtney and Matt have a Tesla, and they’ll drive you around to vegan wineries for the day. It’s an add-on you can choose while checking out.

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