FLXCursion and Rethinking Riesling

Riesling has a reputation in the Finger Lakes. Our signature grape is often portrayed as sweet and fruity, a fun drink for the summer, but not something that more “serious” wine drinkers would appreciate. This is a misconception I often find myself correcting, noting the many wineries producing fantastic dry Rieslings that emphasize a completely different range of notes, but even I am selling Riesling short. 

In fact, like its noble counterpart Chardonnay, Riesling can be done in a wide range of styles and made with a variety of methods rendering it un-Riesling-like in some circumstances. This fact crystallized for me while I was attending FLXcursion, a celebration of cool climate wines that featured seminars, dinners and a grand tasting.

Read the full article about my FLXcursion experience and wineries where you can explore what Riesling has to offer at Wine Traveler: Rethinking Riesling: The Finger Lakes and Beyond.

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