Wonderfully Wild Wines of Fossenvue Winery

In January, we got a little preview of Fossenvue’s wines with winemaker Phil Plummer, who had a contagious enthusiasm for his wine. In particular, we walked away from the winery thinking that we needed to get a bottle of the Diamond Pet Nat when it was finally released.

We then proceeded to talk about this Pet Nat with everyone we knew. About how good it was, how unique and interesting, how fun and bubbly, how it was an incredible use of a little used grape, how it was going to be our ultimate summer wine.

Finally, last weekend, we got to try it. Fully finished, from the bottle, at Fossenvue Winery.

Before I continue waxing poetic about this crazy fun wine, let me take a step back.

About Fossenvue Winery

Fossenvue is the newest winery to be opened by the Martin Family. The Martins originally started as beekeepers, moving into mead before winemaking. They are now known for Montezuma Winery & Hidden Marsh Distillery and Idol Ridge Winery & Alder Creek Distillery. Fossenvue Winery was named for a women’s suffrage campsite in Lodi, NY famous for guests like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton that stood near to that location.

Tasting at Fossenvue

When tasting, you have a couple of options. For $5 you can sample six wines and for an extra $2 you can keep the glass. Since the winery is next door to Idol Ridge, for $8 you can taste six wines at both wineries and similarly, for an extra $2 you can keep either the Idol Ridge or the Fossenvue Glass (personally, I’d go for Fossenvue because I love honey bees).

We started off with the Eighteen Forty-Eight Diamond Pet Nat, because that’s what we were most excited to try! The nose was a refreshing burst of pineapple, grape, apple, and nectarine, that continues on the palate with a unique blend of citrus and earthiness. It’s acidic, juicy, bright, and bubbly.

Next, was the House of Rebellion, a skin-fermented Valvin Muscat. The nose starts with a pop of floral freshness, orange citrus, banana, and, oddly enough, Trix cereal complete with the creamy milk notes. It’s got a surprising acid given the nose, and a chewy texture. Honestly- this wine is funky and weird. I’m not even totally sure whether I like it or not, but it’s definitely one every wine nerd needs to try.

We ended with the 2017 Cabernet Franc/Lemberger. The wine starts and ends with smoke, beginning more like tobacco smoke, mixed with cherry and spice, and it ends with smoked meat. The cherry pop of acid and chewy tannin make it a delicious finish.

I also really enjoyed their Beginnings Bottle Conditioned Cider, but since this is a wine blog I’ll skip the description and just let you enjoy it yourself when you visit.

Planning Your Visit

Hours: Open Saturday and Sunday 10 to 5 p.m.

Tasting Fees: $5 for 6 samples; $7 for six with a souvenir glass.

$8 for 6 samples at both Fossenvue and Idol Ridge; $10 for both with the souvenir glass

Group Tastings: They accept groups of 8 or more if you make a reservation in advance, and for $7 each you’ll get your tasting and the glass.

Wine Prices: Wines range from $13.99 for the Kindle Red to $24.99 for the Reserve Pinot Noir.

We purchased three bottles of the Diamond Pet Nat and the Cab Franc/Lemberger.

Other Amenities: Not only can you purchase a glass of wine to enjoy on their patio, you can also enjoy with your dog. This is a pet friendly winery!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to try some different wines, this is a great place to stop. The Diamond Pet Nat is a super fun wine that is perfect for summer, and the Valvin Muscat is wonderfully weird and I definitely want to hear what you all think about it. It will be exciting to see what else they create for this winery!

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