#WineWednesday: HJW’s 2015 Noble Select Riesling Magdalena Paired with Lively Run Cayuga

One of the most mind-blowing pairings I’ve ever had is dessert wine and blue cheese. The first time it was shared with me, I was skeptical of the pairing, but once I tried it I was converted. This is one of the greatest pairings of all time; it’s the Romeo and Juliet of wine and food (without the disastrous ending). Luckily for me, Hermann J. Wiemer knows the awesomeness of this pairing and made it a star at their most recent barrel tasting.

About HJW’s Annual Barrel Tasting 2018

Hermann J. Wiemer’s Annual Barrel Tasting is one of our favorite wine events. Not only is it a chance to get a sneak peek of the wines from their barrels, it’s also a chance to try some new releases, library wines, and special offerings all paired with delicious food and live music. What makes it even better is that the whole HJW team is onsite and helping out with the event. We learn so much about the wines and the production process. It’s educational, enlightening, and fun.

We got to try some stellar wines during the event, including their newly released 2015 Extra Brut Riesling Sparkling (lovely notes of nectarine and citrus with fine bubbles and hints of yeast), an intensely delicious 2017 Cabernet Franc (plum and white cherry with hints of smoke and green pepper), and a 2016 Dry Reserve Riesling (bright fruity lime and nectarine).

But one of the best moments of the day, was when we tried this pairing.

HJW’s 2015 Noble Select Riesling Magdalena Paired with Lively Run Cayuga Tasting Note

See: Dense golden color

Smell: Candied citrus peel, honey, and hints of ginger spice.

Sip: On the palate, the citrus turns slightly tropical from the sweetness but it is balanced out by the brightness of the lime in the acidity.


Pairing: They paired the wine with Lively Run’s Cayuga Blue, a blue goat cheese aged for a minimum of two months. It has a nice balance of nutty, funky notes, but isn’t overly so.

When paired together, the citrus brightness of the wine is highlighted along with the funkiness of the cheese, and the denseness of the wine is lightened by the creaminess of the cheese. What is cool about this pairing, is that it brings out the best of both. What can be a cloying sweet wine is made light, and what can be a funky cheese is made citrusy and creamy.

Go try this now.

Wine Low-Down

Winery: Hermann J. Wiemer

Region/Sub-Region: Finger Lakes/Seneca Lake

Wine: Riesling

Vintage: 2015

Varietal: 100% Riesling from the Magdalena Vineyard

Alcohol: 7.5%

Cheese Low-Down

Creamery: Lively Run

Region/Sub-Region: Finger Lakes/Cayuga Lake/Seneca Lake

Style: Blue Cheese

Milk: Goat


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