Pizza on the Patio and Billsboro 2016 Pinot Noir

I could eat pizza every single night. I’m not joking. Ask my partner. Pizza, in my eyes, is the perfect meal; a combination of crusty, chewy carbs, extra cheesy goodness, and various toppings to spice it up so you never get bored. It isn’t surprising then that one of the events I look forward to most is Pizza on the Patio.


Pizza on the Patio is one of Billsboro Winery‘s signature events that takes places every two weeks over the summer on Thursdays or Fridays. It’s simple: they invite a pizza shop to make pizzas in their brick oven, have local musicians to entertain throughout dinner, and serve their wine by the glass or the bottle. It has a die-hard group of fans, so if you’re hoping to attend make sure to sign up in advance (tickets for the next event go on sale two weeks before).

What makes this so successful? Maybe it’s the  delicious brick oven pizzas created by Toss ‘n Fire. Maybe it’s the combination of the food with Billsboro’s incredible wines. I think what makes these events is the people. Billsboro’s loyal crowd of fans are a great group of wine people to hang out with. While they aren’t in the industry for the most part, they are active ambassadors for the region, tasting their way through the Finger Lakes most weekends, finding new wineries to share with other wine nerds, and always up for having lengthy discussions about their favorite wines.

So if you’re looking for great food, fantastic wine, and fun conversations, I suggest you join us for the next Pizza on the Patio.

Now that I’ve gotten all emo about pizza, let’s move onto the pairing of the night!

Tasting & Pairing Note


The 2016 Billsboro Pinot Noir has notes of bright cherry and smoke right off the bat, with some hints of pepper. The palate is a more bright cherry with chocolate notes both in the taste and texture. If you’ve smelled the 2015, this is like a less smoky, more cherry version. It has a medium tannin, nice acidity, and some lingering peppery notes.

I ordered the steak and blue cheese pizza from Toss ‘n Fire, which was a delicious combo of steak, mozzarella, blue cheese, fresh arugula, and red sauce (I actually swapped the red sauce for their oil olive base cause I love me some red sauce). The fruit characteristics of the Pinot Noir balanced out the funky, nutty blue cheese notes, and the richness of the steak was increased. Overall, it was a fun pairing that brought out the best of both the wine and the pizza.


Event Low-Down

Winery: Billsboro Winery

Event Dates: Every other Thursday or Friday, see their website for details, with seatings at 6, 6:20 and 6:40 p.m.

Price: The event itself doesn’t have a cost, you just have to pay for pizza and wine. Pizza ranges from $14-16, and wine ranges from $7-8 for a glass, to $20s-30s for a bottle.

Amenities: They always have different bands for their live music, and they’ve got non-alcoholic drink options like ice tea and fancy cucumber water.

Rain policy: If it rains, the event is moved inside.


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