Let’s Wine & Dine on a Plane!

I’ll admit, I don’t usually order wine on a plane unless I’m taking a long international flight (some actually have interesting wine). But as I was ordering a cheese plate on my United flight, I was alerted that I could add on a glass of wine for only $4. So here it is, your United Domestic flight wine and cheese guide.


On the flight to Denver, I had a 2015 Redwood Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon to pair with my cheese plate. The wine was fairly simple- notes of black berries and plum, with a hint of leather, and on the palate it has a fruity, jammy sweet quality with a medium-low tannin that lingers a little.

Now to the cheese. The “board” comes with two types of crackers, parmesan crisps and multigrain flats, three types of cheese, asiago spread, smoked gouda, and a swiss cheese product made from a blend of cheddar cheese and swiss flavoring, and finally, a little cup of fig jam.

Honestly, the parmesan crisps are the best part of this entire board- I could have eaten an entire full-size package of these.

Best pairing: parmesan cheese crisp, scoop of asiago spread, and fig jam. The fig jam brings out some of the better fruit notes of the wine, and the funkiness of the cheese spread makes the leathery notes a little more prominent. This combo makes everything taste richer and deeper.

Worst pairing: smoked gouda and multigrain flat. The wine is totally overpowered by the smokiness of the cheese, and all you end up tasting is alcohol.

I didn’t eat the swiss cheese product.

Overall, this was actually a fun thing to do and chat about. It helped the four hour flight go by, and the one pairing was pretty good.



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